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Trimble UX5-HP

Complete Trimble UX5-HP System with Tablet, Camera, Launcher


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R10 Survey Rover Kit

Save thousands on the latest land surveyor GNSS technology!


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RTS 655 Robotic Kit

RTS655 is optimized to work with Trimble Field Link for MEP layout.



Robotic Total Stations | GNSS RTK Receivers | GCS900 Grade Control

Trimble R10

440 Channel GNSS, RTK technology, 450-470Mhz....

Trimble R8-3 GNSS

Glonass enabled RTK survey receiver w/450-470Mhz...

Trimble SPS985 GNSS

The SPS985 saves you money by enabling only the features that you need...


Trimble SPS882 GNSS receiver with 900Mhz, RTK Rover, GLONASS options enabled...


Caterpillar MS992 GNSS for Accugrade or GCS900...

SPS930 Robotic, MC

$19,995 w/ 12 mo warranty
Machine Control Option for GCS900 Systems....

SPS730 Robotic

$16,395 w/ 12 mo warranty
Save money, add GCS900 MC option later...

RTS 655 Robotic 3"

$14,595 w/ 90 day warranty
Robotic Total Station specialized for the Mechanical & Electrical (MEP)....

S6 Robotic Total Station 2"

Survey Grade Robotic Total Station from Trimble saves money and time..

SPS620 Robotic Total Station 5"

$8,995 w/ 30 day warranty
Economical Robotic Instrument for construction layout. Works with SCS900...

TSC3 with SCS900

Only one available. Latest version of SCS900. Excellent condition...

TSC2  Survey Controller 12.5

Reconditioned Trimble TSC2 data collectors with either Survey Controller 12.5x or SCS900...

Faro X130 Scanner

Focus 3D X 130 high-speed laser scanner...

Trimble UX5

Trimble UX5 Aerial Imaging Rover ...

Trimble Tablet Field Link

Field Link software for BIM & VDC..

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