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Trimble R8 Model 4 GNSS Receiver

PRICE: $9,695

GLONASS, GPS RTK Receiver with UHF radio (450-470MHz)

Trimble R8 Model 4 GNSS Receiver, 450-470MHz radio

The R8 Model 4, like the R10, is a 440 channel GNSS survey receiver for those looking to save money, but not compromise quality.

R8 Model 4 receivers are capable of tracking: GPS, GLONASS, L2C, L5, BeiDou (COMPASS) and Galileo.

Multiple units available. Some are in excellent condition and some have a few scuffs from use in the field. Price flexible depending on condition.

Listing includes the following items:

  • Trimble R8 Model 4 GNSS Receiver - 450-470Mhz
  • Dual Bay charger
  • Two Batteries
  • Trimble case
  • 12 Month Extended Warranty

PRICE: $9,695


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