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Trimble R10 LT GNSS Receiver

PRICE: $14,395

The Best GNSS Survey Receiver money can buy!

Trimble R10 LTGNSS Survey RTK Receiver

The R10 LT is the latest GNSS technology from Trimble. 440 channels, digitial level correction and unrivaled multipath correction

The digital level bubble is an option on the LT that can be enabled for an additional amount. Otherwise the R10 LT is identical to the R10.

The unit is used and has some light scuffs on the housing, but in 100% perfect working condition.

Additional Configuration: R10 Rover Kit w/ TSC3

Listing includes the following items:

  • R10 LT GNSS reciver w/ UHF radio
  • Dual bay charger
  • Two Batteries
  • 403-474 Radio antenna
  • Trimble case
  • 12 Month Extended Warranty

PRICE: $14,395


Additional Used Inventory Specials - UPDATED: October 19, 2017

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