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Trimble UX5 UAV/UAS

PRICE: $18,995

Complete Unmanned Aerial System Trimble UX5

Trimble UX5 UAS - Complete with Yuma Tablet, Camera and Launcher

This UX5 is in excellent condition, and includes everything necessary to survey from the sky! Our package includes the the older Yuma tablet (not the Kenai).

Need High Precision? Check out our UX5-HP

Listing includes the following items:

  • Trimble UX5
  • Trimble Yuma (1) Tablet with Access Aerial Imaging application
  • Sony Next-5, 16 MP camera
  • Trimble Launcher
  • Chargers
  • Two UX5 Batteries
  • Trimble cases
  • 90 Day Warranty

PRICE: $18,995


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