Easy Setup Guide for the Trimble NetRS GPS Receiver for Internet Corrections

This guide from Positioning Solutions will take you through the process of setting us a Trimble NetRS GPS Receiver as an RTK receiver transmitting CMR+ corrections through the internet.  This guide includes setup instructions for:

RTK base station Streaming RTK (CMR+) Corrections over the internet

***Click here for instructions for sending RTK corrections through an external radio using the NetRs.

You will need:

Alternatively use a Crossover Ethernet Cable for direct communication to PC

The NetRS uses Hyperterminal software to establish it’s IP address type only.  Once the IP type and address is known, the rest of the setup will be through your internet browser.  If you already know the IP address of your NetRS, please skip to Part 2.


Part 1 - Configuration Through Hyperterminal

You will need an available serial connection on your PC.  Create a new connection in Hyperterminal with these settings:  115200, 8, none, 1 , no flow control

 NetRS will go through boot up process – you should see information in Hyperterminal – after a minute or so – the NetRS will reboot. – All LED’s will flash -  When NetRS reboots – you may need to disconnect and reconnect the hyperterminal connection (press disconnect, then Call). The boot up process will pause for a minute, then say “Defaulting to Half Duplex Mode”. Message below will appear in about two minutes -
“Do you want to change Ethernet configuration (yes,no)?”

Example IP address :


Part 2 - How to set up a Trimble NetRS  for RTK, CMR+  corrections through the internet

Establish a position:

A web page for the NetRS will open.  This is where the remaining setup process is performed.


Set Ports for streaming CMR+ TCP Port

 All ports that are available/configured on the receiver will be listed.  A NetRS with factory defaults will have serial ports 1-4 listed, but not enabled.  You will need to create and configure a new Serial port for CMR

The Station ID should already be set from the previous menu and your Lat, Long and height should appear.

Plug your External radio into Serial Port 2 of the NetRS – The receiver should be sending corrections to the radio.  If you have a problem, double check you Baud rate of the radio.



Once you save your settings, power can be removed from the NetRS.  The net time it powers up – it will automatically load the configuration file and start sending RTK corrections to your radio.  The NetRS does take about 4 to 5 minutes to completely boot up.



From the NetRS main browser menu:

To double check your settings and configuration, select “Receiver Status” then “Activity” from the side menu.  You should see several satellites being tracked, and “Streaming CMR over Serial Port 2”

To download this guide, click here: Positioning Solutions - Trimble NetRS setup Guide- Radio

Also helpfull - Trimble NetRS User Guide


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