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Trimble S6 System

PRICE: $5,995

DR Plus, SERVO Total Station. This is a 3" instrument

Trimble S6 Servo, DR+ Total Station, 3" accuracy

This S6 Servo is from 2010 and in excellent shape. Great choice for any total station, and for projects where robotics is not required. Servo instruments can be upgraded to AutoLock, or even Robotic for an additional cost.

Calibrated and ready for work!

Need a Robotic instrument? See our other instruments - S6-2" / S6-1"

Listing includes the following items:

  • S6 DRPlus 3", P/N: S6351100
  • Dual bay charger
  • Two Batteries
  • Radio antenna
  • Trimble case
  • 18 Month Extended Warranty

PRICE: $5,995


Additional used Trimble equipment currently available - UPDATED: June 14, 2017

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